Friday, May 03, 2013

Marriage 501, Lecture 765: You don't bring me flowers

SH: Are the colors OK on those flowers?

Me: They're beautiful, sweetie. Thank you.

SH: One reason I don't--

Me: Oh no that's not it.

Backstory: SH went to the grocery store today because he wanted to get some sandwich meat with a groupon. I do not care for sandwich meat - I had to eat it as a kid and it is not my favorite. We rarely could afford the good stuff, like Canadian bacon, and usually had baloney or the ilk. There were many lunches where I threw away the meat in my sandwich because I didn't want it. And there were a few times that I found out my mom had splurged to get the Canadian bacon and I had discarded that.

Waste, waste, waste. I am ashamed. Too bad I didn't like peanut butter when I was a kid, because that would have solved a lot of lunch problems.

The irony is that even though I didn't like my lunch, I was still a chubby kid.


Me: Oh no that's not it.

SH: The reason I don't get you flowers so much any more is because I usually don't go to the grocery store.

Me: Uh-uh. You used to go to the store just to get me flowers.

Which is true. The second time he came to visit me in Memphis, I had to go to work. He stayed at my house and worked from there. When I got home, there were flowers. He had found a flower shop within walking distance of my house and had gone there to get me flowers.

SH: Well that was when I was courting you.

Me: So now just take me for granted.

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webb said...

At least he doesn't claim that men only bring home flowers when they are feeling guilty about something. He doesn't feel guilty, ergo .... never any flowers. That, gets old fast!