Friday, May 24, 2013

The working life: Saving The Planet

When I got to the hotel, they asked if I wanted to participate in their Green Program.

That is, was I willing to have my room cleaned only every third day. (Yes, I was going to be there long enough that I could divide my time into three-day increments.)

I was willing, but not to Save The Planet.

I don't care about Saving The Planet.

But I do think it is stupid to have clean towels and sheets every day. I don't change the sheets and towels every day at my house. Why would I demand it at my motel? If they are going to spend money, how about making the walls soundproof?

But even so, I was not willing to sacrifice just because I think daily linen changes are dumb. If I'm paying for it, I want it.

Then the hotel threw in a sweetener.

For every day I went without cleaning service, they would give me a $5 coupon to Starbucks.

Now they were talking.

Honestly. Do they think everyone will buy that crap about Saving The Planet? The reason the hotel is doing it is to save money. And I don't mind that. They are allowed to try to reduce operating costs. In many industries, that's the only way to make money. You can't raise prices because the market (usually) sets the price, so you have to cut your costs.

But don't tell me I have to sacrifice so you can save money. Either I get something out of it or it's not going to happen.

And reducing the room rate does nothing for me. I am on a business trip. I am not paying the bill, my employer is. I am not going to suck it up to save my employer, who is making me work all weekend, some cash.

But the $5 coupon to Starbucks? After six days, I would have $30 of Starbucks bucks! Not too shabby.

So I happily agreed.

And then got the first coupon.

Which stated that it was good only at the Starbucks at the hotel.

Yes. Only good at the Starbucks at the hotel where I was staying on a business trip and hence was expensing my lodging and meals.

You tell me.

Do I care if I get a discount on coffee when I am going to expense it?

No. I don't.

Maybe that makes me a bad employee. So be it.

But the people who came up with this plan did not really think it through, did they?

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webb said...

Or, perhaps they did. As much as i love Starbucks, i would be hard pressed to drink 5.00 daily - given the calories i would have been drinking.

So, they gave you a lot less than the 30 bucks.