Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Marriage 501, Lecture 43: The Honey-Do-Someday List

Me [on the phone with SH]: What are these giant boxes in the living room from? They look like giant pizza boxes.

SH: From those suits I ordered.

Me: Oh. So they can go in the recycling.

SH: No! I want to keep those!

Me: Why on earth?

SH: They're a good size for sliding under the car. [To collect any oil drips and keep them from getting on the garage floor.]

Me: OK. Fine. But this box - from the knife that you ordered. I'm putting that in the recycling.

SH: No!

Me: Yes.

SH: But you won't do it right.

Me: Because putting a box in the recycling is so hard.

SH: Why don't you just leave it for me to do when I get home?

Me: Because when I leave things for you to do, they never get done.

SH: That's not true. I do things that you want me to do all the time.

Me: Name one.

SH: All the time.

Me: Just one.

SH: The other day, I got rid of all of that stuff on the stairs.

Me: You put it in the guest room. That does not count.

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