Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Marriage 501, Lecture 642: Tomato, cucumber

Day 1

SH [on the phone on his way to Chicago]: Hey. Have you noticed that the washer has water dripping into it?

Me: No. But I don't usually look inside it before I put the clothes in.

SH: There was about an inch of water in it. I spun it out,  but it might still be leaking. We might have to buy a new washer.

Me: Can't we just fix it? [We bought this washer less than five years ago. It's the one that had the little delivery adventure.]

SH: Maybe. I guess we could turn off the water that goes to it.

I go into the basement and check. Indeed, the washer has about an inch of water in it and more is continuing to drip from the hose at the top back of the machine. This is a new problem. I would have heard the drip before.

I get a flashlight, a mirror, and my glasses so I can inspect the hose more closely. It is a hose with holes  in it, designed for water to drip out of, so finding a leak is not that easy.

But I remember that I was able to diagnose the problem with my very old Kenmore that lasted me for ten years and I bought it used. I called Sears (back when they weren't crap) and Keisha helped me diagnose the problem and then my former boyfriend Harpo went online and found the instructions for repair and emailed them to me and SH flew to Memphis from Milwaukee even though I had told him I didn't want to see him and he fixed my washing machine - and my dryer, which had broken the same day - which is one of the most romantic things anyone has ever done for me.

The way to a woman's heart is through home repair, guys.

So I went online and googled "LG top loader washer leak" and got all sorts of information, like if we have hard water, there could be mineral build up, or there could be some other kind of dirt and/or obstruction in the hose.

I messaged that encouraging information to SH with the comment that it didn't look like this would be difficult to repair and went to bed.

I did wonder why SH hadn't turned off the water to the machine.

Day 2
SH got home from Chicago. I brought up the machine and bragged how I had googled "LG etc."

SH: But it's not an LG.

Me: Oh. OK, so--

SH: It's a Fisher and Paykel.

Me: Right. So anyh-

SH: So it might not even be the same thing. You have to search on the right name and the right model number.

Me: It's a WASHING MACHINE that LOADS ON THE TOP and HAS HOSES. Remember how our problem with the furnace a few years ago was with hoses that need to be cleaned? This could be the same thing! How darn complicated can it be?

SH: But that's not the brand.

Me: But it's the SAME PRINCIPLE. Lord have mercy, would you look at the big picture just for once?

SH: But I'm a Honey! It's our way to pick at the tiniest nit and ignore the real issue! That's how my family rolls. And now you're one of us.

Me: I will never be one of you. [Shuddering.]

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Gaylin said...

I grew up in a house where the water was turned off to the washer unless it was in use. Imagine my surprise when I found out almost no one else did that!

My dad babied the washer & dryer for years, keeping them running long past it made sense. Within a couple months of his dying, the washer, dryer, dishwasher, hot water tank and furnace all died as well.