Monday, June 10, 2013

Marriage 501, Lecture 765: Hoarders, SH style

SH, coming into the kitchen with a stack of newspapers in his arms, newspapers he has brought downstairs from his office: What if I got rid of some newspapers?

Me: That would be so great that I [would reward you handsomely].

Note that the newest paper on the stack is November 2011.

The newest.

SH: But what if there is something important in there?

Me: What if you walked straight out to the garage and put them in the recycling?

SH: What if I miss something?

Me: Then the world will surely come to an end.

SH: But what if I miss something?

Me: By definition, if it is from 2011, it is no longer news.

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Pam said...

Which non-insanity meds are you on? Oh, yeah. Good [WXYZ]. I forgot how much that helps matters.