Monday, July 29, 2013

Marriage 501, Lecture 126: How we eat

What we have been eating on vacation:

Steak from the butcher in my mom and dad's hometown - we buy a freezer full of meat from them every year. The butcher shop is housed in the building that my grandfather and great-uncle built for their first garage. The butcher business was started by my uncle Denny's high-school friend.
Bratwurst from my uncle
Lettuce from my garden
Fish from the small grocery on the island

How it would be described on a restaurant menu:

Grass-fed, free-range beef, artisanal hand-cut Porterhouse steak, al carbon
Artisanal bratwurst made with free-range, organic venison, with fourth-generation German recipes, served with house-made whole-grain mustard
Organic greens dressed with housemade ranch dressing
Organic greens sauteed lightly in bacon grease
Wild-caught Lake Superior whitefish, al carbon


webb said...

Yummy... no matter how you describe it!

Joy said...

Coming home to Wisconsin next weekend for a wedding and I cannot wait. Brats, corn, lettuce with hot bacon will be so glorious!