Monday, July 22, 2013

Marriage 501, Lecture 23: How we pack, or, This is what they should discuss in pre-marital counseling

This is how SH and I get ready for a week-long trip to the cottage on Madeline Island, where we take all our own food, as there are only two small grocery stores on the island and they have island prices, which is fine. Someone has gone through the trouble of loading stuff on a truck, putting it on the ferry, paying the $50 round-trip fare, and bringing it to the island. Of course there will be a premium.

But we can get food where we live and we can take our own, so we do so.

Here is how I pack:

1. T minus two weeks: Pull up the spreadsheet I made two years ago of our menu and what we take to the cottage. Spreadsheet was updated last year after our week here. Make revisions as necessary - we don't have my uncle's venison breakfast sausage to take this year because we won't be seeing him on our way up. What do we take instead? How much bacon? Discuss meal planning with SH.

2. T minus one week: Make cheese sauce for macaroni and cheese and put it in the freezer. Make hummus and put it in the freezer. Ask SH to pick the wine to take to the cottage and the wine to give to my aunt and uncle as a hostess gift. (We will be staying with a non-sausage aunt and uncle on our way up. I am blessed with an abundance of aunts and uncles, several of whom live halfway between our house and Madeline Island. It makes a really nice trip to be able to spend a night with them on the way up and visit. It was odd for SH the first time we stayed with Aunt Aggie and Uncle Denny - he had never slept in a room with a gun cabinet before - but he survived and it was good for him.)

3. T minus three days: Put out "hold mail" card for postman. Deliver housekey to catsitter. Ask very nice neighbor to water my flowers and vegetable garden while we are gone. Ask SH to put hold on newspaper. Ask SH again to get out the wine for the trip. And maybe even get out the wine that we will be giving as a wedding present the week after we return from the cottage.

4. T minus two days: Harvest lettuce to take to work for co-worker. Stage the dry goods, i.e., the spices, the olive oil, the plastic bags, the tin foil, the beach towels, the Good Knives - anything we are taking that does not require refrigeration. Call the Gourmet Garage pie lady to order an apple pie. Do laundry. Get suitcase out of attic. Go to the library and stock up. Go to the grocery store for potatoes and garlic and jalapenos. No jalapenos. Change kitty litter with SH. Stage refrigerator items on bottom shelf. Ask SH to get the wine out for the trip.

5. T minus one day: Harvest more lettuce and put in fridge. That lettuce will go with us. Pack clothes.

6. Day of departure: Get up at 7:30 a.m. Go to the farmers market for knob onions (great grilled) and new potatoes.Go to Vietnamese grocery store for jalapenos. Get coolers out of basement. Take a shower. Get dressed. Be ready to go at 1 p.m. as originally planned.

Here's how SH packs:

Day of departure:

1. Get up late.

2. Make coffee.

3. Check email and facebook. Start a political argument with someone on facebook.

4. Pick wine for trip.

5. Pick beer for trip.

6. Change watchband - a process that takes about ten minutes because the proper going on vacation watchband takes a while to select.

7. Play with the cats.

8. Put up "out of office" message on email.

9. Create "out of office" message for phone.

10. Dawdle.

11. Make wife insane.

12. Leave 84 minutes later than planned.

13. Still get to Medford on time.


Michelle said...

A million times yes. This is exactly how things work in my marriage too.

I love Madeline Island. My family went a few times when I was a kid, and then my husband and I spent a day there on our honeymoon. Have a great trip!

Jen on the Edge said...

Sounds like how trip planning happens here, only with the additional step of wife bitching angrily at husband as they pull out of the driveway later because he didn't pack the day before as she had asked him to.