Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Marriage 501, Lecture 621: Airing the dirty laundry

SH: You're cleaning the tub! You're still doing chores!

Me: I know. It needs to be done.

SH: Do you wish I would do more around the house?

Me: Yes. I would prefer an equitable division of household chores.

SH: But I am doing more than I used to!

Me: So am I.

SH: But my job hasn't gotten any easier. And I'm doing more housework.

Me: And I'm gone from the house 55 hours a week now.

SH:  But I hate cleaning the tub! I'd rather clean the tub than have a disgustingly dirty tub but I'd rather have a moderately dirty tub than go through the trouble of cleaning the tub.

Me: You could start doing the laundry.

SH: But that's complicated! When I was in the apartment, the washer and dryer were right next to my bedroom.

Me: And now they're in the basement. And I'm 13 miles away during the day. You're here.

SH: It's so hard with your stuff! Your gym clothes can't go in the dryer. And there are whites. Before we got married, I never bought anything white because I didn't want to deal with washing it. Then there's the dilemma do I as a good liberal hang the clothes on the line outside or just throw them in the dryer?

Me: It is hard to be you.


Koala Blue said...

"Before we got married, I never bought anything white because I didn't want to deal with washing it."

That's so funny! Totally believable :)

webb said...

Some friends of ours soled the laundry problem by each doing his/her own laundry only. Seems like an odd arrangement to me, but then ... they are now divorced.
Just a thought.

Joy said...

If I'm home when my husband is going to do laundry, he separates out my stuff and then asks me which pile (dark/light) it should go in and has me make a list of which items should not go in the dryer. If I'm not home, he simply does not include my items in the wash. It works well for us.

Gaylin said...

I have been waiting for someone to clean the bathtub. Then I remembered, I live alone.

Guess that means I get to do it.