Monday, July 15, 2013

Marriage 501, Lecture 723: It's in the tone

Me: Do we have any decaf coffee pods?*

SH: Yes, I think so.

Me: Good. I want more coffee.

SH: You've already had a cup. You should have made more yesterday.**

Me: I want more.

Ten minutes later.

Me: Hey! Are you going to get that pod for me?***

SH: What do you mean?

Me: I mean, are you going to get it? I would like another cup of coffee!

SH: I didn't know you wanted me to get it.

Me: What do you mean you didn't know? What did you think I wanted when I asked if there was any decaf?

SH: You didn't specifically ask me to get it.

* SH has a pod coffee maker that he got as an award at work or from woot or something. It makes one cup of coffee at a time.

** Because I don't drink much caffeine any more - I discovered that caffeine triggers a lot of my headaches (and, ironically, can also get rid of them), SH and I have to alternate making coffee in the big coffee pot. I'll make two days' worth on Monday, he'll make two days' worth on Tuesday, etc. One of us is always drinking day-old coffee, which is not pleasant, but if you put enough half and half in your coffee, you hardly notice.

*** The pods are in a very high cabinet that SH can reach without dragging out the ladder but I cannot. So he is the designated coffee pod getter.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, my teenager is just like your SH:

me, while driving: "DD, are there any cokes in the cooler?"

DD opens the cooler, checks, closes the cooler and answers, "Yes."

Two minutes later ...

"DD, where's my coke?"

DD: "Oh, did you WANT one?"

I think she's going to be an engineer.