Monday, July 08, 2013

The working world: Getting advice on your resume

Now that you are all back from your long weekend and getting back to work - I myself am not back from a long weekend. I am back from a regular weekend. Yes, I had Thursday off but I did not have Friday off and I am bitter about that. I have never worked for a place in my professional life that didn't give us that bridge day as a holiday. I knew I worked for a thrifty (I am being nice, as it is not generally considered bad to be thrifty) organization, but man, I had no idea they would stoop this low. We are not retail. We are not entertainment. We are not health care. We are not essential services in any way and nobody would have raised an eyebrow had we been closed on Friday.

We also do not get Christmas Eve off.

And of course last year, I was on a plane the day after Thanksgiving. Middle seat, coach, in between a nice guy and a seat hog who kept screaming into his phone - while we were still at the gate, "F--- you, Renee!"

So. Now that the rest of you are back at work and your time away has given you some perspective and you realize that man, you have got to find a new job, may I recommend the resume services of Kim Stiens? I found her via one of my favorite blogs, Ask A Manager. Kim is (for now) building a portfolio of resumes she has reviewed and improved and is willing to do resume review gratis.

I thought I was pretty good at resumes and you might think the same thing, but it never hurts to have someone else take a look. Kim noticed things that never would have occurred to me and made some great suggestions. My resume is definitely better because of her feedback.

If you are looking for a new job, avail yourself of this opportunity. It's free and it's useful.


webb said...

I do hopeshe is working on your resume so you can leave this employer far behind.

Actually, i did not have a holiday on Friday, either, as i work for a very small company... but i took a vacation day. It was worth it!

Gaylin said...

I save a few vacation days for just this reason! It wasn't a day off for me on Thursday anyways - Canada celebrates its Dominion Day on July 1st.
If the 1st lands on a weekend we get the Monday off.

I like days off more than days on . . . darn that not-winning-the-lottery thing.

Anonymous said...

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