Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Wisconsin 101: The local talent show

We love it up here at the cottage. One of the reasons we love it is because there is not much to do so we don't feel guilty for doing nothing.

Actually, there are things to do, but there are not things to do for free.

1. We can rent a bicycle for $10 an hour.
2. We can rent a moped for $36 an hour.
3. We can rent a kayak for something.
4. We can buy pottery for $170 a small plate.
5. We can buy paintings for $7,000 a painting.

Or we can

1. Play tennis for free.
2. Sit on the screened porch of our cottage and watch the waves of Lake Superior crash against the shore.

We choose tennis and sitting.

But - an entire week of tennis and sitting, great as it is, can get monotonous. So when we saw that the town's annual talent show would take place in the elementary school gym last night, we decided to go. It was also a fundraiser for the library and I am a big supporter of public libraries. Libraries have been very very good to me.

We drove into town in time to get to the pre-show picnic, which was also a fundraiser. We bought a hot dog plate, which consisted of a hot dog, a bun, as many potato chips as we wanted and as many (local) strawberries (which are selling for $5 a box at one of the two small groceries on the island) as we wanted. They were charging $7 for the plate, but the lady taking the money said that was too much and asked for five instead.

We also got a brownie (homemade) with ice cream for $2.

We sat on the grass outside of the school gym and ate, then went inside for the show. All the seats were taken, so we sat on the side of the gym on a deconstructed bleacher.

These were the talent acts.

1. A five-year-old girl reading a poem out loud while her dad held the microphone in front of her.
2. Two adult women singing.
3. One adult woman who sang "Dancing in the Dark." She could sing.
4. A nine-year-old boy who sang some rappy kids' song to the accompaniment that his grandfather had prepared on a CD.
5. A 11-year-old girl who played the first 45 seconds of "When the Saints Come Marching In" on the French horn.
6. A six-year-old girl who did some cartwheels and handstands.
7. Two little boys who demonstrated some taekwondo moves, announcing each move with a deadpan voice. "Front kick:" followed by a listless kick.
8. A teenage boy who had just run in, having just gotten off work at the pizza stand, who, to the tune of "Here Comes the Sun," spun a basketball on his fingertip and moved it behind himself and under himself and kept it spinning while he did a somersault. He was amazing.
9. A 12-year-old girl who sang very well.
10. Two girls who did cartwheels, walkovers, backbends, and the splits.
11. One very bored-looking teenage girl who walked on stage, did a back flip, and walked off.
12. A 12-year-old boy who told a joke.
13. A family that sang a new version of "Close to You" that started with the words, "Why do guys suddenly appear every time beer is near?"

There was a couple next to us with a little girl who was about 14 months old - walking and with two teeth. She had something to say about everyone who performed and was clearly happy to be there. As was everyone else.


LPC said...

Oh my gosh that sounds wonderful.

Lindy D. said...

"a new version of "Close to You" that started with the words, "Why do guys suddenly appear every time beer is near?"
Only in Wisconsin...