Friday, August 02, 2013

Marriage 501, Lecture 125: The liberal gardener

SH: Why are you calling Kristy?

Me: To borrow her weed killer. I tested it the other night in the garden and it worked, so now I want to get the rest of the weeds.

SH: You can't use weed killer in the garden! Then it won't be organic!

Me: So?

SH: But I'm a liberal! I can eat only organic produce!

Me: Not my problem.

SH: You can't spray!

Me: You have three options: 1. You can get out there and start pulling weeds--"

SH: But I don't want to pull weeds!

Me: Or you can not eat anything out of my garden--

SH: But I like the things from your garden!

Me: Or you can not care.


Vivian said...

What I tell my husband: "In your ideal imaginary world you can have it all, meantime, you live in the real world, make your choice."

Anonymous said...

What is it with men? Don't want to lift a hand in the garden, but want to make all the decisions on how it grows. Tell him it. ain't 1850 anymore.