Monday, August 05, 2013

Marriage 501, Lecture 747: Vomit

SH: Oh no!

Me: What?

SH: The cats threw up down here!

Me: Oh. [Staying upstairs.]

SH: Would you bring me a paper towel?

Me: For what?

SH: To clean it!

Me: Why don't you just use a rag?

SH: Because there is cat saliva! And cat hair! Do you want the rag to get dirty?

Me: That's what rags are for.

[I have an entire bucket full of rags. That's what happens to old socks and t-shirts in this house - they get cut up for rags. Rags that are intended for cleaning gross stuff.]

SH: Rags are for water and messes like that!

Me: I wash them in bleach and hot water. I think they can handle cat vomit.

[I also have washed cloth diapers before, which SH has not done. If it's OK to wash and re-use a diaper, it's OK to wash and re-use a rag.]


webb said...

One might even consider throwing a rag away ... or would that violate someone's rules for saving non-useful things?

Joy said...

I had to teach my husband about the making and using of rags.