Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Marriage 501, Lecture 456: Why nothing ever gets done at our house

Me: I looked. There is a market for used BMW magazines on eBay.


Me: So let's sell them.


Me: Now.

SH: No. Later.

Me: Why not now?

SH: Because it's too much work.

Me: I'll do it.

SH: No! It's too much work!

Me: I'll get them out of the attic.

SH: You won't do it right!

Me: How can I not get magazines out of the attic right?

SH: What if you don't know where they are?

Me: They are in the stacks of magazines in the attic.

SH: But you might get things out of order! You might make a mess!

Me: Fine. Then you get them out.

SH: I don't have time.

Me: How much work is it to get some magazines out of an attic?

SH: I don't have time.

Me: Do you want to sell them or not?

SH: I don't know.

Me: Oh for crying out loud. Would you make a decision? Yes or no.

SH: Not now. I'm too  busy.

Me: Just tell me if in principle you like the idea of selling them.

SH: OK. Fine. We can sell them.

Me: When?

SH: Later. Not now.

Me: No. Let's pin down a date.

SH: I'm too busy!

Me: You are not. Just commit to a date between now and Christmas.

SH: Not now.


Anonymous said...

Just sell them - by the time he ever notices, one of you will be dead :-)

Gaylin said...

When my dad died my mom got a local auction house to come in and take away the boxes of 'important' stuff and they sold them and sent her a cheque.

I also vote you just sell them . . .

Joy said...

Oh my god, burn them and be done!