Friday, September 20, 2013

Marriage 501, Lecture 756: Wash day

Me: I'm going to do laundry.

SH: But wait! It's not Saturday!

Me: So? I have time now. So I'm doing it.

SH: But you're complicating everything.

Me: What's the difference between doing laundry on Friday evening and Saturday morning? Your dirty clothes should all be down the chute anyhow.

SH: No! It's affecting my underwear strategy!

Me: Your underwear strategy?

SH: Yes. I'm wearing the Good Travel Underwear today because I thought you wouldn't be washing until tomorrow and then I'd have them again when I take my trip on Tuesday.

Me: Too bad.


Gaylin said...

Good Travel Underwear

thanks for the laugh

webb said...

His mother taught him to never wear the holy (holie?) undies in case you have an accident. You don't want the folks at the ER to see that you have on something other than your Good Undies.

At least that's what my mother always told me. Of course, he is the only person I know who actually does that. he, he!

Koala Blue said...

I know you guys don't like to waste money, but seriously? SH should have at least a week's worth of Good Undies.

Koala Blue said...

Or is Good Travel Underwear not the same as Good Underwear?

Class factotum said...

KB, Good Travel Underwear is its own category, separate from Good Underwear. He has a week's worth of Good Underwear.

Koala Blue said...

This made me curious about what Good Travel Underwear could possibly be - this is a whole new concept to me. So google to the rescue - is GTU lightweight and quick to dry? Makes sense I guess

Class factotum said...

This was also a new concept to me. GTU is indeed lightweight and quick to dry, but that's not why SH likes it. He says the synthetic fabric is more comfortable for long wear than the all cotton. More information than you wanted, I'm sure.