Monday, September 23, 2013

Marriage 501, Lecture 797: Trickery, deceit, legerdemain

After we got done playing tennis, my plan was to return home to episode 4, season 2 of The Closer while SH made a trip to Aldi for half and half and other sundries. I was also going to watch episodes 5-8. It is possible to do all this in one night if one clicks one time on the 'fast forward' button. It speeds the action up enough so that the dialogue is not maddeningly slow and cuts the time by about 20%. It's a very efficient way to watch a TV show or a movie. For some British shows, it helps to turn on the subtitles, but I don't need it on American shows.

So. That was my plan. I had done my chores. I had prepared supper and put away my work clothes. We had played a set of tennis (we are hard core) and I wanted to go home.

SH: Let's just run by Sentry.

Me: No! Why? You're going to Aldi tonight!

SH: But I don't want to grill that pork tenderloin tomorrow and Sentry has steak on sale.

Me: So? Go later.

SH: But this is more efficient. We're already here. I don't have to go out of my way.

Me: I hate shopping with you.

SH: And besides, we can get a dozen ears of corn free.

Me: What? That takes a coupon! Do you have the coupon with you?

SH: Yes.

Me: This was premeditated! You had this all planned even before we left the house!

SH: Yes.

Me: You are a big fat shopping liar who tricked me.

SH: I guess so.

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