Monday, September 09, 2013

Marriage 501, Lecture 985: Hoarders here we come

Me: What are you doing?

SH: Going through my magazines [that have accumulated in his nightstand].

Me: Why? You're supposed to be clearing your junk out of the guest room. [Winter clothes that have been there since May, an article about Shakespeare that his dad wrote years ago, empty boxes]

SH: This is part of that project.

Me: Hey! DO NOT PUT THOSE MAGAZINES ON THE FLOOR! You do not get to bring more junk into the bedroom. Our bedroom is not going to become a repository for your junk. You have an office.

SH: But my office is full.

Me: Then throw something away from your office.

SH: I can't make that decision now.

Me: And do not put those magazines in the attic.

SH: Oh! I forgot about the attic! I can put them there.

Me: Why?

SH: Why what?

Me: Why put them there? You have magazines there that have been there since we moved into the house five years ago and you have never once said, "Oh. I think I need to refer to one of my attic magazines." It's just crap that we'll have to throw away when we move out.

SH: I need to keep my Corvair magazines.

Me: Why?

SH: What if I sell the Corvair and the buyer wants the magazine?

Me: Did the guy who bought your BMW want the BMW magazines?

SH: I didn't think to ask. I still have them.

Me: So why not throw them away?

SH: I might want them someday. Or I might be able to sell them.

Me: Is there a big market for used BMW magazines?

[There might be - I just looked on eBay and saw 44 "sold" listings for old Roundel magazines.]

SH: I don't know.

Me: Why don't you just put something on craigslist that you have a bunch of old magazines to give away?

SH: That's too much work.

Me: How come when I ask you to do something, you tell me it's scope creep, but when you do something, you vary from the original goal?

SH: This is part of the guest room project. There are magazines in the guest room. Besides,  scope creep when I am getting rid of things is good.

Me: If you actually get rid of things.

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