Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The working life: I am a bad bacon eater who eats only the lean

I am interviewing potential instructors for our regional office in Grand Fenwick. As part of the interview, I have asked each applicant to prepare a short presentation where he teaches me something. It doesn't have to be related to the subject they will be teaching, I tell them. They can teach me how to boil water or how to take a cat to the vet - I want to see teaching style. I know they know the material because of their work history and other credentials. I want to know if they can teach.

What is amazing is that it does not take very long at all to know if someone is a good teacher. The great separate quickly from the good and the just OK. I am not an education professional. But I know good teaching when I see it.

Anyhow, I spoke to a guy in Grand Fenwick the other day who used meat as an example for getting rid of waste in a process.

Applicant: With the meat, you have the fat and you have the good part. You want to get rid of the fat and keep the lean. And that's what you want to do with your process, too - get rid of the fat and keep the lean.

Me: But my husband loves the fat. He thinks it's the best part. When we have bacon, I eat the lean and he eats all the fat.

Applicant: Yes, in my country, everyone loves the fat, too!

I wonder if he thought maybe Americans didn't like fat? I'll bet he doesn't use that example in Grand Fenwick.

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