Friday, October 25, 2013

Marriage 601, Lecture 631: My way, highway

Me: You are just as controlling as he is.

SH: I am not!

Me: You are so!

SH: How's that? He tries to get everyone to do things his way.

Me: So do you!

SH: I do not. I do not try to impose my way on other people.

Me: You do. You don't like the way other people do dishes. You don't like how people stack dishes in the dish drainer. The knives. You always re-do the knives.

SH: That's not imposing my will.

Me: Yes it is! You are always trying to make me do those things your way.

SH: It doesn't count when I do it with you.

Me: Yes it does.

SH: No. I do not impose my will on other people. I am polite and patient with them.

Me: But not with me.

SH: I don't need to be. You're stuck with me. They're not.

Me: Don't count on any [wxyz], buster.

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Anonymous said...

(Male) engineers always think everyone else loads the dishwasher wrong. Always.