Monday, October 28, 2013

Marriage 601, Lecture 76: Another issue that should be covered in pre-marital counseling, or, This is Wisconsin people here get up early

SH: When you're with a group of people, the group should time itself to accomodate the slowest person.

Me: What do you mean?

SH: I mean, if there is someone who wants to be early to everything and someone who is usually late, everyone should wait for the late person.

Me: That is total crap!

SH: No! Otherwise the late person is stressed and miserable because everyone is pushing him to be early.

Me: And you think the people who are waiting for the late person aren't stressed?

SH: It's not hard to wait for someone.

Me: Let me explain something to you, as I know you have never once in your life been the person to wait for someone who is late. Being the on-time person being forced to wait for the late person is a miserable, miserable experience. It is better for one slow person to be miserable by being rushed than for five on-time people to have to wait for a slow person.


Koala Blue said...

I totally agree with you. As a punctual person, I get annoyed with any person who thinks that they are so important that five other people won't mind waiting for them.

DH and I are friends with one couple who are always late. On one notable occasion they were over an hour late to dinner in a restaurant! The fact that everyone was already eating when they finally arrived seemed to surprise them. But there has been no noticeable change in their behaviour - we have started telling them that things start earlier than they really do and that helps a bit.

Carol said...

Amen. Clocks were invented to keep everyone on the same time schedule. If we wanted you somewhere at 7:15 rather than 7:00 we would scheduled it at 7:15. And I won't lie and tell you a different time than everybody else - it's up to you to decide if the event is important enough to get there at the pre-determined time. Your ability or inability to get there is completely up to you and tells us a lot about where we come in your life.

webb said...

Amen, Sisters! Lateness is total disrespect for others. Can't stand it.

Recently met a friend. I was 20 minutes early, she was 10 minutes early and apologized for keeping me waiting ... that's the kind of friend I want!