Monday, October 07, 2013

Wisconsin 101: The things they carried

SH and I set out for a walk last night, our path plotted to minimize carrying. For we carried with us

1. Ten library books and season seven of The Closer. By the way, I did find a similar purse to Brenda's on eBay. I paid more for it than I have paid for a used purse before. Therapy shopping. I have my eye on this purse, but SH and I have agreed that it will not happen unless I get a new job. With new pay. Also, season one of Sons of Anarchy, of which I watched only seven minutes before deciding this was really not my kind of show.

2. Some pear tart and some stuffed manicotti for our bachelor friend Keith, who has been giving us tomatoes and zucchini from his garden. Keith has a debilitating, chronic illness that keeps him from working but he's one of the least whiny people I know. He walks his dogs several times a day and knows everyone in our neighborhood because everyone sees him out and about. I don't think he cooks much, so I make extra of what I cook and share.

3. The WE Energies 2012 cookie cookbook that SH and I picked up at the WE Energies building during Doors Open Milwaukee. My friend Lois has been getting the cookbooks for the past few years but didn't have the 2012 version. I used to be anti cellphone, but not any more, because now I can call my friend while I am on a historic building tour of WE Energies, where they have all the back issues of the cookbook, and ask if she has the 2012 cookbook. Which she did not. Because she was sick the day they were handing it out in the Miller Park stadium parking lot.

4. Twenty pounds of pears from our tree. Our tree that has been bearing and bearing fruit without cease for the past three weeks. More about that later. Pears to give to our neighbors down the street - the family of our sweet catsitter, a 14 year old boy who is the nicest, nicest kid in the world. While we were gone this summer, he turned the a/c on every day to cool the house down because he was worried it was too hot for the cats. And he vacuumed - he vacuumed! - the house before we returned because he thought there was too much cat hair.

So our path was

1. Catsitter house to drop off the pears.
2. Keith's house to drop off the manicotti (am I spelling this wrong? blogger doesn't like it)
3. Library to drop off the books
4. Lois' house to drop off the cookbook

And it worked, mostly, except on the way to Keith's, we stopped to talk to the guy on the corner about his garden and why were his tomatoes so abundant. SH didn't care about that, but I did and I like talking to people and meeting my neighbors. And the guy started pulling tomatoes off the vine and giving them to me and I am not a fool who turns down homegrown tomatoes nosir.

Then we kept walking to Keith's, but we passed one of those little free libraries and I had to look at the books and there was a book in there I wanted to read so I took it, which was when SH pointed out that we were on our way to the library to return books, not to accumulate more.

Then we finally got to Keith's - two blocks from our house - and gave him the manicotti and had to dodge his yappy little dogs who were so excited to see me. I don't know why - I have never been excited to see them. I like big, mellow dogs and big, well-trained dogs, but not yappy dogs.

Keith's tomatoes were abundant as well and I have no shame so I asked if I could have some more - he has already given me a bunch. I told him that if he would give me more tomatoes, I would give him more food. He likes my cooking, so that worked. I picked about 15 pounds of tomatoes and put them in the bad that had contained the manicotti.

Then we walked to the library and dumped the books, at which point I handed the bag of tomatoes to SH because he is the guy and the guy should carry the heavy stuff. I don't care how macho a woman you are, on average, most men are stronger than most women - and yes, I know there are outliers in both cases, but on average. And in my case, SH, even though he does not work out with weights and I do, is stronger than I am. And, I am lazy. So SH carries the heavy stuff.

Then we walked the ten blocks to Lois' and then the mile back to our house, all with SH carrying the tomatoes and the little free library book.

The end.


webb said...

I've got a Tomato Pie recipe, as well as Tomato Jam ... if you need them.

sounds like a reasonable walk to me. And, of course, he carried the books!

Anonymous Mother said...

Oh, for some of those tomatoes . . .

Gaylin said...

What a great walk.
And a cat-sitter that vacuums, amazing.

Free tomatoes, can't say no to those!