Monday, December 16, 2013

Marriage 601, Lecture 623: For better or for annoying

Me: My gosh you are being annoying. Would you please stop?

SH: I haven't seen you for two days!

Me: Are you saying you have a lot of annoying built up and it has to get out?

SH: Yes. I'm annoyed at work.

Me: So why don't you take it out on work?

SH: I can't. I have to take it out on you because I am married to you.

Me: That's so great.

SH: I'm sorry for being annoying.

 Me: That's a big fat lie. You are not sorry.

SH: Wait! So I apologize for being annoying and that's not enough?

Me: Nope. I want you to actually stop being annoying, not just say you're sorry.

SH: I don't think that's possible.


LPC said...

At least he admits it:).

Class factotum said...

LPC, SH sets great store by "At least I'm honest!"