Sunday, January 19, 2014

Marriage 601, Lecture 456: I am a woman of constant sorrow

SH: Look what else I am taking downstairs.

[I gripe at SH for walking right past laundry baskets, cleaning supplies, and plastic bags that are staged for going from the kitchen to the basement. If you are going downstairs anyhow, you might as well take the laundry basket with you. But SH claims he doesn't even see these things. Yet he can see - from 20 light years away - a tiny drop of water on a dish that I am about to remove from the dish drainer and put in the cupboard.]

Me: What?

SH: This cork.

Me: Oh yahoo.

SH: Hey! I'm not leaving it here by the sink!

Me: I guess just throwing it away is not an option.

SH: I have a whole bag of corks in the basement!

Me: They can't be thrown away?

SH: No. I am accumulating them for no particular purpose.


webb said...

Two more characteristics of that defective Y-chromosome.

Anonymous said...

Hi.. .hello ...??!