Friday, January 31, 2014

Marriage 601, Lecture 764: Out of sight, out of mind

Me: Man, I really need to wash the bedspread.

SH: Why? That seems like a lot of trouble.

Me: I'm not asking you to do it.

This is often my response to SH's comment that "it seems like a lot of trouble." Apparently, he gets very stressed when his routine is interrupted, even if that routine is his sitting in his office two floors away from the washing machine. Just the idea of something going on that means oh no change! makes him almost hyperventilate.

Almost every Sunday morning, we have a variation on this conversation that entails the following:

SH: What are you doing?

Me: Cooking.

SH: But you're making a mess! [Note that "mess" means "getting some dishes dirty"]

Me: Yes. But cooking is how we get food in this house.

SH: But I just want peace and quiet!

Me: And if I am going to spend time chopping onions and sautéing, I want to do it early in the day while you are in the kitchen so I can have company. Plus I want to do the work first and relax later.

SH: All those dishes!

Me: You don't have to wash them.

SH: But you won't do it right.

So you see - this is his pattern. When I informed him that I planned to wash the bedspread, he got close to freaking out. Well, maybe 50% of freaking out.

SH: But why do you need to wash it?

Me: Because there is cat hair all over it! And one of the cats vomited on it!

SH: Can't you just turn it upside down?

Me: No. I cannot just turn it upside down. That is not a solution. That is disgusting.

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