Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Marriage 601, Lecture 976: Gratitude and avoidance

SH: You're not even thanking me for doing the dishes.

Me: That's because you're not doing them as a favor to me.

SH: Yes I am!

Me: No you're not. You're doing them because you don't like how I do dishes.

SH: OK. That's part of it.

Me: I told you so.

SH: And because you do all the cooking and I feel like I should participate. You're a good cook and you cook good food for me.

Me: Thank you.

SH: And I can't relax with all this mess. ["All this mess" includes one tupperware that had roasted butternut squash in it and the 8-quart pot I used to make black-eyed peas. And the wooden spoon. Four items. "All this mess."]

Me: Yeah. And because you don't want to pack for your work trip.

SH: But you could still thank me.

Me: Fine. Thank you.


webb said...

Wait a minute!?! Did he thank you for dinner?

Fair's fair.

Anonymous said...

I'm over here laughing. Just finished dinner with my husband, Mr. Artsy. There was a crisis situation beforehand. The meal would have to be delayed, he informed me, because he had "made a huge mess." Turned out four small flakes of fish had slipped off the serving utensil and were staring up at him in an accusatory fashion.

--Artsy in Boulder