Friday, March 14, 2014

Marriage 601, Lecture 742: Fennel, revisited

SH: Wait! What did you do?

Me: What?

SH: The fennel! You cut off the fronds!

Me: Oh. Right.

 SH: But you were supposed to leave them on!

Me: Not for grilling.

SH: We like the fronds!

Me: They’re in the trash. Get them out.

SH: It’s too late! You didn’t cut them right!

Me: Oh well.

SH: But why did you do this without telling me?

 Me: Why was I supposed to advise you?

SH: Why didn’t you remember how I like the fennel cut?

Me: Because it’s been over a year since we have had fennel.

SH: You can’t remember something from a year ago?

Me: I have a lot of stuff in my head. I can’t keep it all there.

SH: Well you are letting the important things about food go.

Me: You should have reminded me.

SH: You should have remembered.

Me: I am not The Rememberer.


Artsy in Boulder said...

I am the Queen of the Cutting Board; TAH is Master of the BioBag Countertop Compost Bin. There are occasional border disputes and skirmishes where the two theaters intersect. Messy fennel fronds have the potential to initiate Sheldon Features.

I am now curious: I can think of only one way to cut fennel fronds, and am wondering how you might have been Doing It Wrong?

Gaylin said...

And just what do you do with the fronds?

Class factotum said...

Gaylin, I have chopped the fronds and used them in place of celery in salad and in stew.

Artsy, SH claims I cut off the fronds too closely to the root and messed up the grilling.