Monday, March 17, 2014

Marriage 601, Lecture 874: Six pack fantasy/Nutella/best husband in the world

SH: This ad popped up on facebook today. It showed a man and a woman, each with these bulging six-pack abs.

Me: Really?

SH: They looked horrible.

Me: I wouldn't mind having a six pack.

SH: No! It looked awful! Please don't do that! I like the way you look!

Me: OK. If you insist. Indeed, I will make sure I don't get anywhere near a six pack.

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Evelynne said...

I'm in complete agreement with SH!! If it makes a woman happy to have a six-pack, then I'm happy for her, but personally I really love a rounded stomach on a woman, especially that little area just below the bellybutton.