Friday, May 02, 2014

Marriage 601, Lecture 12: Smoke signals

SH: What do you want me to get at the store tomorrow?

Me: The fish. And some ground pecans.

SH: How am I supposed to remember all that?

[NB SH's nickname is "The Rememberer" because he forgets nothing. Nothing. He admits that one of the issues in his first marriage was his tendency to recite a list of every single thing his ex had ever done wrong any time they were arguing. They did go to marriage counseling - the counseling, plus his very strong desire not to be a jerk like his dad - cured him of his recitations. He remembers everything he reads and everything he does. When some politician was being grilled by a Senate committee and couldn't remember what he'd been doing on a certain day a year before, SH snorted. I said, "Oh, like you can remember what you were doing a year ago." He said, "November 3, 2005 - I was in Cedar Rapids working with a client."]

Me: If only there existed a mechanism to preserve and transmit information across time without losing the integrity of the information.

SH: I'm not supposed to be the grocery list maker in this house! You are!

Me: I'm not the one who wants the flourless pecan chocolate torte.*

*Well I do of course want this torte, but I do better at not eating fattening things when they are not in my house. If I were not married, I would never make something like that. I wouldn't have potato chips in my house. Or cheese. Or frozen custard. SH can eat those things in moderation. I cannot.

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