Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Marriage 601, Lecture 761: All roads lead to wine

In the basement, where SH is sorting through his wine and the boxes and moving wine from one box to the next and lamenting the poor state of his wine boxes, of which he claims not to have enough because I have made him get rid of extra wine boxes and it's all my fault and I point out that there is one corner of the basement that has nothing but empty wine boxes and he says they are not the RIGHT KIND of wine box.

Me: Hey! Is that a box of Girl Scout cookies?

SH looks over at me: Yes.

Me: Hey! You have been hiding Girl Scout cookies down here?

I examine the box more closely. It is not even the good kind of GS cookies - they are just plain. I don't even remember which kind and I am too lazy to go back downstairs to look at the box again.

SH: They've been here for months.

Me: But you've been hiding them from me?

SH: I don't know. They're probably no good any more.

I open the box. Half a sleeve of cookies has been eaten.

Me: They've been here for months? I should probably throw them away.

SH: No! I actually have them there to keep that wine box closed!

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webb said...

Did I understand that? using a half empty box of GS cookies as weight on a wine box? even more odd than usual!