Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Marriage 601, Lecture 761: Saturday morning whiner

Saturday morning. SH is up because he has to give a speech at a political thing. It is 7:50 a.m. He has to leave the house at 9:00. I am up even though I don't want to be. I am not attending the speech.

When I first started dating my musician boyfriend, Harpo, I used to go to all of his shows. I noticed the other band members' girlfriends/spouses only showed up occasionally. "How disloyal!" I thought.

And then - after a few months of sitting by myself at the bar waiting for the band to set up and then waiting for them to play and only caring about hearing when Harpo played and sang, I thought, "You know I think I'll skip this one."

And thus began my time of Not Attending Every Boyfriend Event. And it was good. (Even though I still really liked - and still like - hearing Harpo play. But now I listen to him on the occasional clip he posts on facebook.)

When I met SH, I was already primed not to be a Supportive Girlfriend/Spouse/SO. He started with all this political stuff and I said "Well that's nice see you later I'm going to read my book."

And it was good.

So I am not part of the drama this morning - the speechwriting last night, the anxiety this morning.

I am sitting here, reading my favorite blogs and the newspaper.

SH [big sigh]: I don't know what to do about breakfast.

Me: [read paper]

SH: The breakfast pastries [that I get at Wild Flour Bakery, which is owned by my dad's cousin and his wife, so I shop there often - they have a shop right by my office] are gone.

Me: [read paper]

SH: It just seems like so much work to make eggs.

Me: [read paper]

SH: But eggs would be good. And toast.

Me: [read paper]

SH: I don't know what to do.

Me: [read paper]

SH: [long silence]

SH [big sigh]: I guess I'll just have some cold cereal.

He pours himself some cereal and goes upstairs. Half an hour later, he returns.

Me: You wanted me to offer to make breakfast for you, didn't you?

SH: Yes! You are a Not Breakfast Maker!

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