Friday, May 16, 2014

Marriage 601, Lecture 98: If a man whines in an emtpy house, does anyone feel sorry for him?

SH: Now that we're both working, we have money but we don't have any time. We had time when you weren't working.

Me: No. I had time. You still didn't have time.

[Because SH is a procrastinator and has been a procrastinator and will be a procrastinator.]

SH: But at least when you weren't working, I could come downstairs and whine or talk to you. I had company during the day.

[Another key difference between us: SH wants to be around people all the time and I do not. It's not that I don't enjoy being with people I like. I do. I love my friends and my family. But it takes energy and I have to be by myself to recharge. SH, on the other, draws energy from being around people. Yet he is the one who works from home and I am the one who goes to an office full of people every day. Which means that when I get home after work, all I want is to be alone and all he wants is to be with me. You see the problem, right?]

Me: Yeah. That part was great for me.

SH: I had someone to whine to when I needed it. Now I have to save it all up until you get home.

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