Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Wisconsin 101: This is Wisconsin people here get up early

SH and I need some work done on our house. Last fall, we got a new roof Merry Christmas to us.

A few years ago, we got a new driveway. Who wouldn't rather have a new driveway than a trip to Italy?

Now we need to have the garage painted and the exterior window trim done and various little things and it's going to be a pain in the neck but when you own a house, you can't ignore this stuff or the rot will spread and pretty soon the mortar is cracking and then the rain gets into your house and ruins the plaster and your ceiling falls and ruins the floors and you just have to nip this stuff in the bud.

I got on Angie's List and found some guys and made appointments. We had two guys come over last night to give us estimates. It was 5:50. I was doing something in the kitchen and SH came down from his office and said he should probably put on something more presentable and I said Oh he won't be here for ten minutes yet and SH said This is Wisconsin I bet he shows up early.


It was like it was scripted:

SH: I bet he shows up early

[doorbell rings]

SH got all cranky because the guy was early but I was happy because I hate waiting for people.

The guy came and went, after saying, "Better to be early than late!"

SH told me grouchily that no, it is better to be late than to be early because who's prepared for someone to be early?

I said Yes but I hate waiting for people so being late is really worse.

SH wouldn't know what it's like to wait for someone because he is never the one who is waiting. He is the late one and I am the prompt one, so in our relationship, the waiter/later relationship works in his favor. He never has to wait because I am always ready when I say I will be.

The second guy was supposed to come at 7.

At 7:00 exactly, the doorbell rang. SH still wasn't super happy, but he pointed out that at least this guy was not early.


Gracie's Mom said...

OK. Sheldon

Class factotum said...

GM, you are so right! ON THE DOT!