Monday, June 30, 2014

Goth Girl and Goth Boy, 4

Here is the Goth Girl on the Bus update du jour:

Goth Girl was in her usual place on the bus today, sitting cross-legged on the aisle seat. She did pull her knee up when I passed, perhaps remembering yesterday when my bag banged into her. (Which was not on purpose - I try to be polite even to people who annoy me. Actually, I am more polite to people I don't like than to people I do like. Maybe I don't want the people I don't like to know I don't like them? But why would that be so bad? Just one time, it would be really fun to be direct with SH's dad and say, "You are a mean old man who makes people cry and I DON'T LIKE YOU." But I don't. I am a chicken.)

She was wearing jeans, a light plaid jacket over which she later put a black down jacket (this is Wisconsin and it is still cold here), and a gauzy purple scarf shot with silver wrapped around her waist. It all looks good on her because she is 15 and when you are 15, everything looks good. I wish I had known that when I was 15. I also wish I had stayed out of the sun, but we lived in Panama at the time and I was on the swim team and in the sailing club, so avoiding the sun would have meant avoiding my life.

She was also wearing her wire-rimmed aviator sunglasses, even though it was overcast. When Goth Boy asked her about it, she answered, "Dude. I have like the most light-sensitive eyes IN THE WORLD."

When Goth Boy got on the bus, she moved her bags - she has two, but they do go to an arts magnet school and she probably has supplies - and scooted over to the window seat. 

He sat and as he sat, his green and yellow lanyard swung against the side of the seat, the hook clanging against the bus.

She spoke briefly in a very low voice, which was unusual because she is usually quite loud, yet droning. Then they didn't talk, which is also unusual - she usually will not shut up. He fiddled with his iphone and earbuds and she looked out the window. When he would turn to look at her, she kept looking out the window.

I was sitting behind them a few seats. I almost got my regular seat across from them - the seat where the sun is not in my eyes and the heat vent is not blowing on me - but someone else was there when I boarded the bus. She almost disembarked to catch another bus, but after she asked the driver to "blow for that bus," the other bus didn't wait. She returned to her seat and I put my things down again.

So I couldn't see their faces, but I could tell that they were not talking to each other. The Girl with the Weird Bangs was not on the bus today. When Goth Girl and Goth Boy got off the bus, she walked quickly ahead of him to join the Girl with the Green Hair.

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