Monday, June 02, 2014

Marriage 601, Lecture 12: A place for everything and everything in its place

Me: So I went to the hardware store to take the lawnmower to be sharpened and I thought, "While I'm here, I'll get a squeegee."

SH: For what?

Me: For washing the windows.

SH: I don't care if the windows are washed.

Me: They need to be washed.

SH: No they don't.

Me: Your parents live in near squalor, but that doesn't mean it's desirable to be in a dirty, cluttered house.

SH: Windows don't have to be washed. I don't care if they are dirty.

Me: You would notice if I never washed the windows.

SH: I am not going to wash windows.

Me: You do not get to get out of household chores just by saying you don't care if they are done. That would be like my saying I don't care if I ever [wxyz] again. That would not mean I would get off the hook.

SH: You wouldn't ever say that!

Me: No, but that's the analogy. You don't get out of doing essential tasks just because you say you don't care if they are done. Anyhow, I was at the hardware store and I found a squeegee.

SH: So?

Me: How many times have I mentioned that I need a squeegee with the washer part on it and not just the plastic blade? That I am tired of having to reach with a rag to wash the window and then grab the squeegee?

SH: I don't know. I don't pay attention to this stuff.

Me: I bought a squeegee. I walked to the car. I opened the back door to put it in the back seat. The one seat was down so the lawnmower fit. And guess what I saw?

SH: What? [He is bored now because he hates stories. He always wants me to get right to the point, even though the point is always the point. Sometimes the story is the point. He will talk about politics for hours, but interesting things, like the drama going on in my office, nope. Doesn't want to hear it.]


SH: Oh! Right! That's the squeegee I keep in the car!

Me: But why? I have mentioned before that I want one and you had one all along. Why on earth would you keep it in the trunk?

SH: For when I am at a gas station and I want to wash the windows of the car.

Me: But the gas station already has a squeegee! Have you ever used the car squeegee to wash the car windows at a gas station?

SH: Nope. I just thought that's where it belongs.


Marilyn Leslie said...

Thanks for the smile.

Marilyn Leslie said...
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Gaylin said...

That reminds me, I need to clean my windows. I do have a squeegee. It used to be in my car, now I don't have a car.

Cleaning windows is a pain. Clean windows are awesome.