Friday, June 27, 2014

Marriage 601, Lecture 567: What do you eat for supper?

As I am going through the spreadsheet I keep of the contents of the freezer in the base--

What? You don't keep a spreadsheet of what's in your freezer?

Then how do you know what you have?

Do you go rummage around in it every night, trying to figure out what the food plan is for the week?

I can tell you that I have about 30 pounds of ground llama, but I am not in a rush to eat it because we got it only a few months ago. (I was going to say, "this spring," but we did not get spring this year.)

We have about eight packages of Klements brats that we got with a groupon and from the bargain counter, so they were almost free. They are a year old and we should eat them. The problem is that the only brats I like are the ones my uncle Larry makes. I think Klements is family, too (my mom has done family history research and thinks their great-grandmother was a sister to mine), but their brats are not my favorite.

We have Usinger's stuff, too. We have meat. That's why we bought the freezer. But we will be refilling in July after our vacation, so we need to clear out some space.

SH owes a dinner to some people. Maybe we'll invite them over and serve them the brats I don't like.

Me: We need to start eating breakfast sausage for supper.

SH: WHAT?! No! Breakfast sausage is for breakfast.

Me: The venison breakfast sausage my uncle makes is with the same mixture he uses for the brats.

SH: We can't eat breakfast sausage at supper.

Me: We have a ton of breakfast sausage and it is getting old. We need to eat it.

Plus wouldn't breakfast sausage be an easy weeknight meal? Usually, when we have meat, SH grills it. I usually prefer that, because I do not like the house to smell like frying fish or frying sausage, but breakfast sausage is very easy to cook on the stovetop and it doesn't make the house stink.

Also, SH's idea of a decent time to eat supper and my time of a decent time to eat supper vary by about four hours. So while I wait for SH JUST TO GRILL THE DAMN MEAT ALREADY, I am starving to death and eating whatever I can find in the fridge, including in the chocolate drawer. By the time SH actually cooks, I am no longer hungry. Not that that stops me from eating and Hello! twelve extra pounds since I got married!

SH: But it's called breakfast sausage for a reason.

4 comments: said...

I'm sorry . . . did you say 30 pounds of ground llama?

CF said...

Yes. Don't you have 30 lbs of llama?

saf said...

Breakfast sausage is the appropriate side dish for potato pancakes.

Seriously, potato pancakes, breakfast sausage, applesauce and sour cream on the side. Delicious dinner.

Gaylin said...

I have a 24 inch apartment fridge with a small freezer, if I had 30 pounds of llama - there would be no room for anything else!
So no, I don't have a spreadsheet, I buy food every weekend and just use it up.
I do have homemade jam, spaghetti sauce and pizza sauce in the freezer and of course my back-up veggie, frozen peas.
And really, what freezer would be complete without a couple pounds of butter.