Monday, July 21, 2014

Goth Girl and Goth Boy, 7

I was at Danette's house for a Lutheran book club party, which had great food and also had wine, which is not something I associate with Lutherans. Maybe we are getting more ecumenical and the Catholics, who do not have a church event without beer, are rubbing off on the ELCA.

Danette and I were speculating about Goth Girl on the Bus and Goth Boy on the Bus last night. Did he cheat on her? Is that why she is being so cold to him? 

I said that it looks like she really has the upper hand in the relationship and that he likes her a lot more than she likes him. So why would he cheat on her?

But stranger things have happened.

Danette told another person, who also got involved in the conversation, that Goth Boy was really a nice kid.

Which appears to be true but how can you tell? He is not a yeller. He does not glare. He does not seem to be the type of man who would make someone cry. He just wants to be in the presence of Goth Girl. He just wants her to look at him. He wants to put his arm around her and lean his head into hers the way he used to.

But she won't talk to him. He can sit by her, but that's it. 

A detail I have left out that may or may not be relevant is that Goth Boy has bad acne on his cheeks. I look at his face and wonder if his mom has taken him to a dermatologist. He has all the underpinnings to be a very attractive man some day - he is tall and lanky and he just looks sweet, but bless his heart, that acne is hard. Can boys take accutane? 

So Danette and I wonder if Goth Girl is punishing Goth Boy for something? Did she go to that concert alone to Show Him? Or are they only schoolyard sweeties? I had a boyfriend whom I mostly saw at school. We would go out behind the chemistry lab at lunch and neck. We could do this every day because we were in the Panama Canal Zone and the weather is always nice.

He gave me whisker burn, which I didn't know about but figured out immediately when my mom asked, "What's that rash on your chin? It's looks like whisker burn!" My hand flew to my chin, covering it, as I said, "Oh, no - probably just mango rash."

The next day, I told David - who ditched me right before the prom to go with the weird redhead from my PE class but I heard he spent the night in jail so hahahahaha - that he had to shave or I wasn't kissing him any more.

Maybe Goth Boy and Goth Girl only see each other at school, except that makes no sense - they are both on the 57 bus line, so could easily see each other on the weekend.

I wish Girl with the Weird Bangs would show up again and maybe sit by me so I could ask her what's going on.

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