Monday, July 28, 2014

Goth Girl and Goth Boy, 8

You guys, I don't know what happened yesterday with GG and GB - I worked from home because 1. who wouldn't rather work from home and 2. we are getting estimates for painting the garage and the window trim and other things and I had to meet with The Guy, who arrived at 2:04 for a 2:00 appointment and I told him how happy SH would have been with that because for SH, on time is five to ten minutes late whereas for Wisconsin people, on time is five or ten or 15 minutes early and The Guy said he would have been on time but he got stuck behind a truck - but they are a little bit lovey-dovey!

I got on the bus. Someone was in my seat - I couldn't be too mad because it was my friend Liz, but I didn't want to sit next to her because I prefer my own seat so I can spread out - and I had to sit a few seats behind GG. She was not glammed up today. Looks like she hasn't washed her hair in a few days. She had a big black hairband holding it back, kind of a '60s vibe. Baggy jeans with rolled-up cuffs, huge white hoodie. Sunglasses.

Girl with the Weird Bangs was in front of her and they were chatting, chatting, chatting, only I couldn't hear them very well. I caught "reputation" and "I have a bad reputation" which of course made me very curious. Just how bad can a high school girl's reputation be, especially these days when nothing is bad?

GB got on the bus. GWWB stuck her red-leggings-clad leg out to trip him. He laughed and sat next to GG, who had scooted over. GG said, "Hiiiiii!" in almost a "We slept together last night and now I am feeling a little flirty" way except I would guess they probably did not sleep together last night. GB was jaunty, but not that jaunty.

As soon as GB sat, he leaned into her and bumped her with his shoulder. Or maybe she did it first. Rats! I didn't write down who did it first and I can't remember! That's an important detail, don't you think?

He bumped her. She smiled and then she bumped him. He bumped her again and then she bumped him again.

Multiple bumps, you guys!

I caught bits and pieces of their conversation. She was claiming that just because someone jumps from 115 feet, it doesn't mean he will die. GB challenged her. She said, "I can come up with multiple scenarios where he doesn't die. He has a parachute. Or he falls into a truck full of pillows. Or into water."

I wanted to interject that from 115 feet, even water will not cushion that fall, but how can someone who has probably never had the opportunity to jump off a high dive know that water can be very hard, even from ten feet? There are no diving boards any more, are there? Or very few. Do high schools even have diving teams any more? I was on the diving team. I was not very good, but all you had to do was show up to be on the team and I am good at showing up.

GB laughed. He said, "Or the person could open his jacket and swoop, like a flying squirrel."

Oh they laughed and laughed. 

Then - AND THIS IS THE BEST PART!! - he started tickling her again and she squealed, "Stooooop!" and she grabbed his hand and he grabbed her hands and there was HAND GRABBING!

Oh the flirting. I can't stand it.


MomQueenBee said...

I'm pretty sure I'm overly invested in this couple when I can't wait to read if they're back together.

Class factotum said...

MQB, I know! I originally posted this stuff on facebook and my friends hated the days I took the late bus in!