Friday, July 04, 2014

Wisconsin 101: This is how we reserve a hotel room

SH: Would you call this hotel to see if we can get a room on July 12?

Me: Why don't you just send them an email?

SH: Because who knows how long it would take them to answer an email!

Me: Fine. Give me the phone, please.

(ring, ring)

VI: Hello. Village Inn.

Me: Hi. Do you have a room available Saturday, July 12?

VI: Yes we do.

Me: Great! I'll take it, please.

VI: OK. What's your name?

Me: Class Factotum.

VI: And your phone number?

Me: 867-5309.

VI: Good! We'll see you then.

Me: Wait! Don't you want a credit card?

VI: Nah. We have your phone number.

Me: What about check-in time? Anything I should know?

VI: Hmm. Yes. If you are going to be later than ten p.m., please call and let us know. We'll leave the key in the room.


Gaylin said...

I seriously love this place! I hope you have a great stay there.

Anonymous said...

I remember that phone number/song, lol. Joy in Texas