Friday, August 01, 2014

Marriage 601, Lecture 762: This is how we optimize trunk space

SH and I just returned from vacation and have the post-vacation blues, the blues that go, "Why wasn't I born rich? Why wasn't I born a trust-fund brat? I would not waste the family fortune on cocaine. I would still work hard but I would take more than ten days of vacation in the summer and I would spend it all at the cottage on Lake Superior."

We have desponded over our lack of wealth and lack of vacation time. But while we were at the cottage, we enjoyed every single second of it, even the first two days when we had to build a fire (in the fireplace) because it was so darn cold.

Yes. A fire. In July. I also have been wearing my light coat to work in the mornings. It is coolish here and my tomatoes and nasturium can't figure it out. I can't figure it out. Shouldn't global warming make it, you know, warmer?

So what happened was we were supposed to leave the cottage on Sunday and we were so depressed on Saturday night that we could hardly sleep. We got up on Sunday and listlessly packed the car and then SH got online and discovered there was nobody else checking into the cottage that night. He called the front desk and asked if we could have a late checkout time, which they gave us.

Then he started to wonder if we should maybe just stay at the cottage one more night.

We are not spontaneous people.

This was a crazy, crazy idea.

We do not make last-minute vacation decisions.

1. It is not inexpensive.
2. We had already packed the car. (Commitment escalation.)
3. I had already made plans to see my aunts and uncles on the way home. One of my uncles is about 85 years old and his health is not so great. I worry that I might not see him again. Plus I really like my aunts and uncles and wanted to see them.


1. My husband was going through severe vacation withdrawal and marital health trumps all.

So we decided to stay the extra night.

Which meant we unpacked the car.

Which meant that SH had the whole evening to think about how to re-pack the car in a better way. Even though the initial packing had gotten everything into the car with room to spare. It's not like we looked like the Joads.

But packing is one of SH's things. Getting rid of stuff is not. Arranging the stuff he has is. I would rather optimize space by getting rid of useless things, like old phone bills, but SH is scared to throw anything away and is happy just to arrange and re-arrange his stuff.

(I will hear him in the basement, moving his wine around. He will spend 30 minutes at a time reorganizing the wine.)

SH takes great pride in his packing. Earlier in the trip, he packed some restaurant leftovers into the cooler. I urged him to get on with it already. He had to move a case of Minnesota beer that apparently one cannot get in Wisconsin and then shift the tennis rackets and then get into the cooler and then unpack the cooler and re-pack it with the leftovers

I urged him to hurry his butt up we had places to go and honestly what could possibly be taking so long with putting leftovers in a cooler?

He answered, "You just want me to hurry up and be done with it and I want to admire my handiwork."

The photo is in Cornucopia, on the shores of Lake Superior in northern Wisconsin.

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