Friday, August 08, 2014

Minnesota 101: Sleeping late on vacation - not

Y'all, I have something to say about dogs. I like dogs OK. I am a cat person and I take dogs on a case by case basis. I usually prefer big dogs - don't like the little yippy ones - and I don't like to hold dogs. They are not soft and pliable the way cats are. And they usually don't smell very good. But I have met some very sweet dogs in my life and am not at all anti-dog.

What I am is anti-owner.

And what I am going to complain about is something that I am sure you will all join me in condemning, because I can't imagine any of you guys allowing this to happen.

SH and I were on vacation. We took a little tour of the northern shore of Lake Superior, spending a night in Duluth before driving up the shore to Split Rock lighthouse. We had been up late the night before we went to Duluth because we were lucky enough to get to visit our friends Patrick and Ilene (the blogger formerly known as the Bodacious Red-Headed Pediatrician and now known as the Mother of Those Darn Cute Two Year Old Twins). By the time we got to our motel in Duluth, we were a little bit tired. All we wanted to do was sleep. After we ate, that was.

It was an old-fashioned motel. It was on what used to be the highway to Duluth but is now a minor road. Cute little place with a cool neon sign in the front, a friendly-owner who explained about the continental breakfast - Cheerios and Lenders bagels, and a worn but clean room that someone had gamely tried to decorate with a wreath of dried flowers over the bed and a flowered bedspread over flowered sheets.

It was fine. All we needed was a clean, quiet place to sleep. We had seen the Harleys on the way to our room, but they were parked in front of another section of the motel.

We thought we were safe.

We went to bed at 11, which is super early for SH and late for me. But we both thought we would sleep in the next morning. Our plan was to drive to Split Rock lighthouse, which was only 100 miles or so away - could be more, could be less, but I don't want to look it up right now - after visiting the Duluth Farmers Market. (That turned out to be a bust. Nothing was ripe in Milwaukee - what made me think it would be ripe in Duluth? Although they were selling purslane, which is the bane of my garden existence here and which I have used deadly chemicals on to no avail.)

We were going to sleep late.

And we would have, had the dog - yes, THE DOG, in the next room not started to bark at 6 o'dark a.m.

People. I like dogs. I like cats. I have cats. What I do not do with my cats is inflict them on other people. We have the noisiest cats in the world. We would never - unless we had absolutely no other choice - take our cats into a hotel room with us. First, they are destructive and they shed and we would not want to do that to someone else's property. Second, they whine and cry as soon as the sun is up and they are loud enough to wake the dead. We would not be so rude as to have the cats in a place where they could wake up the people around us.

And if we did, once the cats had started making noise, we would not just lie in bed hoping they would shut up.

No. We would remove them from the room so they would not disturb other hotel guests at 6 o'dark in the morning on a Saturday, when most people still want to be sleeping.

The people in the room next to us did not have the same approach to animal noise. They apparently were traveling with a dog, a dog that started barking at 6 o'dark a.m. and that continued to bark until 7 a.m., which is not dark but is still too early to inflict barking on the people who do not love the dog.

They were rude, rude, rude, which is not at all the impression I had of people from Minnesota, whom I thought were supposed to nice the rest of us to death. My only guess is that they were not from Minnesota. Where in this country is it socially acceptable to let your dog bark super early in the morning? I would really like to know because I want to know where not to travel.


webb said...

Not acceptable anywhere ... at all. Hope you called the front desk and complained. We traveled for years with a Shellie who would have exploded from pee before he would have done anything more than a very quiet -indoor voice - woof. He was trained to live in polite company and to not bother people. Shame on the owners!!

Anonymous said...

earplugs! buy the foam ones in bulk from - has saved me from a lot of noisy situations - may need to experiment to see which kinds work for you and are comfy for sleeping

John0 Juanderlust said...

Memphis and Miami are rife with people who think dogs are people, too, therefore they are autonomous and their "human comp0anions" are not responsible for their actions.