Friday, September 26, 2014

Marriage 701, Lecture 126: Who's the decider?

SH: You didn't get my text!

Me: No, I was on my way home from work.

SH: But I wanted to know if I should pick up season 4 of Leverage on the hold shelf at the library.

Me: But I gave you a list of what to pick up and what not to pick up.

SH: I know.

Me: And on the list, I specifically said not to get Leverage.

SH: I know.

Me: And you read the list out loud to me and said, "So I am not supposed to get Leverage?" and I said "Yes. Do not get Leverage."

SH: But when I got there, I saw that the hold was going to expire today and if I didn't get it, they would pull it from the shelf.*

Me: So?

SH: So I got it anyhow.

Me: But I told you not to.

SH: But it was about to be pulled.

Me: But I told you not to.

SH: But why?

Me: Because I decided, after watching the first episode of season 3, which you returned for me today, that I didn't care any more about what happened to these people, so I wasn't going to bother to pick up season 4.

SH: You should have told me.

Me: Why? I told you not to get it.

SH: Yes, but I assumed you hadn't investigated and didn't know what you were doing.

Me: You need to stop assuming that I don't know how to run my own life.

SH: You need to give me more details for things like this.

Me: No. You need to learn to follow instructions.

SH: I am not your employee.

Me: Nope, but the fact that I specifically wrote - and you confirmed verbally - not to get season 4 of Leverage, even though it would be on the shelf with everything else, should have been enough. Honestly. Are you just used to dealing with complete idiots?

SH: In almost every aspect of our life, I go more into the details than you do.

Me: Yes, but when I say not to pick up the DVD and I have actually written it down on a list of what to get and what not to get, then you should just do as I ask.

* Our library has a great system for holds. You don't have to stand in line to ask the librarian to retrieve your holds. The library sends you an email that says that your hold items will be on the hold shelf from Start Date to End Date and you go in and go straight to the shelf to get your books and DVDs and then you go to the self check and check stuff out and you NEVER HAVE TO INTERACT WITH ANOTHER HUMAN BEING.


greatbleuheron said...

Our library has the same! It's amazing and wonderful. The only thing I can imagine that would be better would be if I could put my books on hold over the internet and they would just MAIL them to me. I have heard that in some rural library districts this actually happens, which makes me a little jealous.


Gaylin said...

Our library has a similar system. Yes, the holds are on an open shelf for picking up but if you don't pick them up, you are charged 50 cents. If you don't want the hold, you can go online and cancel and not pay the 50 cents. All without talking to another human being.
Works for me.