Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The working life: Saving money and saving the planet by bicycling to work

How I am saving money by riding my bike to my new job:

1. Pair of biking gloves, $12
2. Workout pants that are snug to the ankle so I don't have to secure the cuffs with binder clips, $40 for two pair
3. Backpack to carry my clothes and lunch to work, $2.99 at Goodwill
4. Spare inner tubes, $12
5. New helmet after I broke the old one, $34.95
6. ER bill after I skidded on the wet pavement and wiped out, probably close to $3,000 but I don't know yet because they haven't put it together, but it was already at $1,500 for the CT scan. Who knows what the doc charges will be?
7. Cupcakes delivered to the guy who found me face down in the grass near the only manhole cover - the only hard item for dozens of square yards - and who took me to urgent care, called SH, and then moved my bike to someplace safe. He wanted to call an ambulance, but I was cogent enough to tell him no, I have a $2,500 deductible on my insurance. Cupcakes, $39

By the way, I am fine. Nothing broken, no permanent damage, just some bruises and a rather rakish-looking scar in my eyebrow. I was back on the bike two days later.


Anonymous said...

Oh, yikes! So sorry about your accident! Tricia

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! I hope you're recovering quickly. So sorry about your accident. Charlene

webb said...

Wow! am so sorry. It seems like the right time of year for that endeavor, and so good for the 'pear' part of the silhouette, but very sorry about your outcome.

Gracie's Mom said...

1) I am so sorry you were injured and I hope you are feeling much better soon.
2) Thank God I live in Canada and have free health care!! An accident like you described would bankrupt me!

LPC said...

Just glad you are OK!

Joan said...

You lived to blog about it and you haven't lost your sense of humor. You are awesome!

Marilyn Leslie said...

Ouch! Sorry to hear about your fall. I hope no bones were broken.
please let us know how you are.

Gaylin said...

I guess getting a great story out of this, really doesn't make anything better.

Have you gotten back on the bike?