Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Marriage 701, Lecture 65: The prince and the pea

SH: Some people wash their clothes too much. I read an article on how to keep your jeans blue and they said not to wash them very often.

Me: Well, that might work for some people. 

SH: I don't overwash stuff. 

Me: Me neither. 

SH: There are clean clothes and there are dirty clothes and there are clothes that are not clean but can be worn again. 

Me: Yeah, I know. 

SH: That's why I keep them on top of the dresser. 

Me: Why can't you just put them in the drawer? 

SH: Because! They're not clean! 

Me: But they're not really dirty. I mean, you're going to wear them again. 

SH: I can't mix the clean clean clothes with the a little bit dirty but can be worn again clothes. 


smalltownme said...

I can't mix them either. Because if you don't rewear them soon, they will contaminate the truly clean clothes. We call them clirty here. If they had their own drawer, I'd be OK with that.

Schmitt said...

Ha. Lucky you. My wife kind of piles them on whatever is handy including the floor. We got her a valet stand last week.