Friday, November 07, 2014

Marriage 701, Lecture 254: An engineer does laundry wrong

Me: Hey! You didn't do it right!

SH: What are you talking about?

Me: You sorted the laundry but you just threw my underwear in with the darks.

SH: I know. You put the underwear in the mesh  bags when you are putting things in the washer.

Me: No you don't.

SH: Yes you do.

Me: No. You sort it as you are removing items from the laundry chute.

SH: That's what I did.

Me: No. You sort and bag the underwear as you are removing items from the laundry chute.

SH: But there are only three baskets. One for whites, one for darks that get dried in the dryer*, one for your gym clothes.

Me: Yeah but you still sort the underwear during the initial sort.

SH: No! As you put things in the washer.

Me: But you are adding another sort to the process. You are creating extra work.

SH: But I can't bag the underwear as I am sorting the clothes.

Me: Sure you can.

SH: How?

Me: Just toss the underwear on the floor.


Me: So? So are the clothes.

* Because SH will not hang clothes out on the line.

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