Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The working life: A customer who will complain to you rather than to her friends is your best friend as a business

Did I tell you guys about the t-shirts here?

Photo: It's insanely soft and has a V that's just right. The Home T V-neck. Get yours, http://www.thehomet.com/collections/v-neck.

Well, forget anything nice I said. The Home T looks good, but is poorly made. I ordered two - one for me, one for my sister. When they arrived, I discovered that the back piece was cut way off grain. I sent a photo to the company and they sent me two new shirts.

The two new shirts also were cut off grain.

I wrote again and explained that the problem persisted.

They responded, "Please note that we can't always control how each shirt is sewn."

Which was when my manufacturing hackles rose.

What did they mean, they could not control how their own product was made? I know my company sure controls how the product is made. We do not want to ship bad product. We want to ship high-quality product. First, because we take pride in what we do and want to be known as the best. Second, because you don't keep old customers or get new ones when you produce crappy product.

I returned all four shirts and asked for a refund of the purchase price and of the shipping costs. They refunded the purchase price and told me that the shirts were not bad, that I was wrong, and that they had already paid to ship the second batch of shirts to me, so too bad.

The "too bad" and the "I was wrong" parts are implied.

But yes. I am not happy at all. They sent out bad product and then were not interested in making it right. I know how to sew. I used to sew all my own clothes. I know how to lay a pattern on fabric. I know that you do not cut a t-shirt on the bias. They did not do it right and what's worse, they did not care about doing it right.

The shirts are very attractive - I liked the Texas shirt a lot. But unless you think $30 is a fair price for a t-shirt that is not made properly, do not bother to do business with these people.


ann.about.town said...

Clothes cut off the grain is my pet peeve - pants (trousers) are a particular annoyance. All because manufacturers aim to cut as many pieces from a bolt of fabric to reduce the cost.

Jessica said...

Ugh, that is so frustrating! You should post a picture of the off-grain back along with this review, because then they can't just say you were disgruntled about something else. Poor customer service is a problem, but poorly made products to begin with are an even bigger problem. (You're less likely to need the former if you don't have the latter, by the way, manufacturers!)