Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Marriage 701, Lecture 145: The unexamined life

Did you guys know that SH is taking a break from work? We agreed that he would get a year to find something else. He has been doing the same kind of work for over 25 years and has been at the same company for 15 years.

Creative, bright people get tired of doing the same thing over and over, even if they are being paid well to do it.

Their wives do not get tired of it. Their wives do not get tired of their husbands being well paid.

But the wives and the husbands make a spreadsheet of their expenses and of their savings and assets. They make a budget. They look at how they spend and identify places to cut back.


(Not purses.)

They discuss and discuss and discuss and finally, they agree to a year. The wife is reassured by the news that a co-worker of the husband's announces she is taking a year off work to stay home with her kids but will be back and the company is OK with that. The husband's employer tells him how much they like him and yes, he is always welcome back. The wife thinks, If he doesn't resolve his midlife crisis (why doesn't he just have an affair or buy a car?), then he can probably go back to work for the same company.

So the husband quits his job and the wife is totally stressed out and hyperventilating but she survives. And she appreciates that the husband has taken over the laundry and the yardwork and the vacuuming. She appreciates that he has finally, after three years, consolidated all the bad swirly lightbulbs to take them to the hardware store for disposal. She appreciates that he has replaced the broken doorstop. That he is going to grout the bathtub.

What she does not appreciate is his complaining when she gets home from work - remember, she is the only one with a job now - that the medicine cabinet - actually, a bin under the bathroom sink - is disorganized.

As she never has any problems finding what she wants, she does not understand what the issue is.

But the husband had to look through the bin and then look in the bathroom drawers to find the bacitracin and apparently, he had something better to do with his time.

Looking for bacitracin does not come with dental.


webb said...

That's a hard situation. Fortunately, when my husband retired he took over a lot of the household chores, altho now he insists that I do them HIS way. So far, it seems a small price to pay. But retirement does come with a stipend, so he is still pulling his share.

Hope it goes well and that he re-discovers a joy for work, or even finds a new direction. Good luck!

Class factotum said...

We have been arguing about his mom and dad and their expectations (ie, that he jump in a plane to help them whenever needed). He said if I am going to be cranky about his spending money to visit them, he will just start looking for a job now. I want to say, "You promise?" :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, what I wouldn't give for someone to work so I could take a year off... Which reminds me, I need to go buy my ticket for El Gordo.