Friday, December 19, 2014

Marriage 701, Lecture 653: When the gravy comes

With SH now living the life of Riley, he has assumed many of the household responsibilities. We even agreed that he would take over cleaning the bathroom, which is something he has not done since we bought our house. He claims that a bathtub does not need to be cleaned every week and I maintain that it does, although I am willing to put up with a not so clean tub if I am not the one who has to clean it.

But he was at his mom and dad's and that always puts him in a funk so I guess he thought he might as well be more miserable. I did all the heavy cleaning while he was gone - washed and changed the sheets, cleaned the tub, washed the kitchen floor, and cooked, cooked cooked.

It is so lovely to cook with SH hovering. SH does not really understand the process of how gravy happens. He think it just comes.

But there is a lot of chopping and getting dishes dirty and maybe even spilling things on the floor in the process of cooking.

This weekend, I made

  • Ricotta gnocchi with brown butter sage sauce
  • Tortilla
  • Two batches of these brownies, one for us and one for the neighbors across the street who just had a baby
  • A batch of black walnut shortbread, from the black walnuts given me a year ago by a friend. I made it and then SH said he doesn't like black walnuts and I sure don't need two sticks' worth of butter on my butt, but our bachelor friend K likes almost anything I cook or bake and he was thrilled to have the cookies
  • Charro beans
  • Goat cheese mac and cheese with fresh bread crumbs from the freezer. We have a ton. We did not intend to have fresh bread crumbs. We intended to give a leftover six-pack of hamburger buns to the youth group at church but I turned my back for a few minutes and when I looked at the top of the stove where I had placed the hamburger buns, in a plastic bag, inside a grocery plastic bag, the corner had been chewed off and half a bun eaten. Laverne is  not starving. She is getting fat. She is also very naughty and if we had a time-out cage, she would go into it.

 In the process of making all these goodies, sure, there was a mess made. And then there was a mess cleaned up. If SH had been around, the drama would have been at 11. SH thinks the function of a kitchen is to stay spotless and unused at all times.

But, as I mentioned, he has assumed a lot of the household chores. At work the other day, he messaged me the question, "How do I get mildew off a shower curtain?" and I thought, OK, there is some compensation for having a husband who does not have a job right now.

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