Monday, December 15, 2014

Marriage 701, Lecture 762: Reading is fundamental


SH and I were packing for our trip to Austin for my brother's birthday. My sister had organized everything from afar. Don't be surprised. Organizing a big bash from a distance while she saves preemie babies is just an appetizer for my sister. She gets stuff done. Gets it from my mom, who has, to date, organized I think six - eight? - trans-oceanic moves, although the one to Saudi does not count so much because they didn't take their furniture with them. Still, the furniture had to be dealt with, so yeah - eight. Eight trans-oceanic moves.

My mom rocks and my sister rocks.

It was Jenny's idea to throw a party for Greg for his 50th birthday. It has been a tough 18 months for my brother. He had his own business for over ten years, but had to close up shop when he had some serious health problems start two years ago. But he is healthy now and has a great new job at UT. It's in the basement, but it is a job and he likes the work and he likes the people and someone else is doing the running the business part of the business so Greg can do just the computer part, which is the part he likes. 

By the way, if you guys don't know about this site already, you need to go to Ask A Manager for your job hunting advice. I would not have gotten the interviews and jobs I have gotten without Alison's great advice on cover letters and I was able to share that advice with my brother and I think it helped him get his job.

So anyway. SH and I were very happy to be going to Austin. We had not been since right after we met, in 2006, when we made a trip there so he could meet my friends and my brother. I miss Texas and I am not happy with the early winter we are having. I don't even like winter when it happens at the normal time. And I miss Texas. A lot.

SH has quit his job to search for a new path. I think I mentioned that. Anyhow, he has. We talked about it for two years and I got myself into a better job with slightly better pay so we could afford for him to quit and quit he did.

Which meant that he did not need to take a computer on this trip.

I have known this man for nine years and we have never taken a trip, including vacations, where he did not take his work computer with him. The realities of working now - sure, you're on vacation, but nobody is doing your job while you are gone, so if you don't keep up with the emails, it's just going to be worse when you return.

SH's dad does not understand this. His dad was a college professor who did not do research, so when school was out, his dad was not working. When SH visits his parents, they get annoyed that he works. They think he is a failure because he never got an advanced degree and then he works? all the time? and he doesn't even have a pension? What is that about?

But SH no longer even has his work computer. And he was not going to take a computer on the trip.

And yet- he has to carry a computer bag.

Because, "I have to take something! I have to have room to carry a book!" he said.

"So just carry a book," I suggested.

"No! I need a book and I need the sections of the newspaper that I've been saving to read* and I need some magazines. I need different reading material for different reading times."

* There is a stack of newspapers 18" high on our kitchen table. On SH's half of the kitchen table. Because it's still news two months later and there is no way ever to see that information online.

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Becky said...

I can totally relate on the laptop thing. My hubby is on call 24/7/365. Which means we can't go so far as the zoo without the laptop. It also means he was working on Thanksgiving Day, 300 miles from home. Thanksgiving work isn't just for disgruntled retail workers.