Friday, December 12, 2014

Marriage 701, Lecture 764: Double Indemnity

  • Last night
    SH: Look at my thumb. It's cracked! It hurts!
    Me: That does look bad.

    SH: It hurts! And it's not healing! And it's hard to keep a bandaid here.

    Me: Why don't you paint some fingernail polish on it?

    SH: WHAT?!

    Me: I do that all the time. Or I glue the wound.

    SH: That's crazy!

    Me: No it's not. Ilene [my friend the Bodacious Red-Headed Pediatrician, who, unfortunately, no longer blogs] said it's OK. She said surgeons use superglue. But suit yourself.

    Today, via facebook
    I have a bandage on my finger (and went to bed with one last night). It is helping, but I hate wearing bandages on my fingers.
  • Me
    Maybe try the nail polish?
  • SH
    Not now.
    You want me to put toxic chemicals inside a cut!
  • Me
    I have glued my cuts before
    and used nail polish
    and YET I LIVE
  • SH
    You want to poison me.
    Maybe you have headaches because you poisoned yourself.
  • Me
    not now
    you don't have enough insurance
  • SH

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