Monday, December 08, 2014

The working life: Hitting the AARP level only not being retired - seriously, who retires at 50 who is an ordinary person?

I had to go to a three-day training session in Chicago for work. It was good training - this was the engineer/marketing training.

On Thursday, SH took the train down to meet me and we at at Eataly, which does indeed have a Nutella shrine.

The guy sitting next to me in class was an Indian who lives in London. He had been in Chicago all week. Didn't really know anyone there. Was traveling by himself. Seemed a little lonely. I asked if he wanted to join SH and me for dinner.

Yes! He did! Thank you!

He met us there and it was nice and then he discovered that SH had quit his job.

Indian engineer: Aren't you scared of not being able to find another job?

SH: Maybe.

IE: Is it scary to be your age at work?

Me: Oh yes.

IE: Because you are too young to retire, right?

Me: Oh yes.


webb said...

It can be seriously scary to be unemployed at "retirement" age. It happened to me seven years ago when my previous employer just closed the doors for their Virginia office - 45 full timers and more than 100 part timers. Talk about feeling useless. I sent out 100's of resumes and got 0 interviews. Fortunately, we all found - or created - jobs before the crash in the fall of 2008. Today it would be even worse with companies routinely replacing experienced older workers with the just-out-of-college crowd. They are losing institutional knowledge and long term experience along with the higher salaries while the companies sock away money and report record profits. A very scary world it is.

Class factotum said...

Yeah, it is. I blithely think, "I'll get a new job next year! I'll get back downtown instead of being out here in the middle of nowhere!" And then I think, "Wait. It's not that easy. I am no longer 24." I just hope I can keep a job until retirement.